display today | works I | 2011

Since the 1980s, exhibits have been changing constantly:

Visiting museum collections has become a lifestyle event, places of work have become temporary museums, and the museum itself has become a place of learning that allows visitors to look, ask questions and create things themselves. This publication traces 25 years of experience at museumstechnik, demonstrates the natural alliance between museum and technology, presents exemplary concepts and design approaches, and takes a look at future development opportunities in exhibit presentations.


museumstechnik, 2. edition 2003

A book about exhibits: How they are planned and how they are made, who designs them and for whom. A rich selection of images documents many well-known and legendary exhibits. Experienced practitioners write about the historico-cultural environment of an exhibit, about the methodological concepts of exhibit presentation and about their implementation from a technical and practical point of view. On the one hand, “museumstechnik” is a practical design handbook about the conception and realisation of exhibits; on the other hand, it is a popular compendium about staging and technology in the museum. The new, revised edition has been expanded to include a long overdue article on the topic of display cases and provides up-to-date information about the exhibit projects of recent years. A book for exhibit organisers and visitors, for technophiles and aesthetes.