Loccum Abbey in Rehburg-Loccum – 2013

Project data

Client: IGHLAUT + von Grote GmbH
Performance: Planning, production, installation
Design: IGHLAUT + von Grote GmbH
Place: Loccum Abbey in Rehburg-Loccum, Lower Saxony
Year: 2013
Volume: € 18.000,-
Area: 40 qm


On the occasion of the 850th anniversary of the former Cistercian abbey in Rehburg-Loccum, museumstechnik berlin was commissioned to design, construct and install an all-glass display case to exhibit a selection of valuable books from the abbey library and a multimedia totem.

The display case was equipped with LED lighting which is triggered by motion detectors. The contents are monitored by sensors and recorders for reporting and recording the relative humidity. The multimedia totem has a touchscreen and a contact loudspeaker which uses the totem as a sound box.

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