Hamburger Bahnhof – Globale Resonanzen

From 22nd April 2018 until 19th August 2018 the Hamburger Bahnhof will show a special exhibition called ‘Globale Resonanzen’. The exhibition is part of the initiative ‘Museum Global’ and will show approx. 420 showcases consisting of a mixture of collection holdings as well as private loans.

museumstechnik berlin has been commissioned with the production of the exhibit architecture.


The James-Simon-Gallery – the new centrally located visitor centre of Berlins museum island is scheduled to open in 2018.

museumstechnik berlin has been appointed with furnishing the initial setup of of the new visitor centre of the museum island.

The display cases showcased will derive from museumstechnik’s own modular display case system MEXS.

Moneymuseum wins German Design Award 2018

The exhibition at the moneymuseum of the Deutsche Bundesbank was honoured with the German Design Award and selected among 5.052 applicants.

The design prize is initalised by the German design counsil (Rat der Formgebung) the expert for brand and design in Germany.

The award ceremony will take place on 9th February 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany

Sugar Museum Berlin

The Sugar Museum has found a new home at the Museum of Technology in Kreuzberg. After modernisation, the museum’s exhibition on the theme of sugar is set to open in November 2015. The museum focusses on the biological, social and political significance of sugar. museumtechnik berlin was commissioned to design and fabricate exhibit cases for the new permanent exhibition, including a six-corner display case nearly four metres high – yet only a half metre wide – exhibit cases and round display cabinets, among others.

370px-SchlossLudwigslustLudwigslust Palace

After restoration of its east wing, the historical and cultural diversity of the late 18th and early 19th centuries has come alive at Ludwigslust Palace. Starting in early 2016, outstanding artwork of all types will be on display at the palace. Visitors can stroll through several hundred square metres of exhibit space while enjoying art of the highest calibre: Jean-Baptiste Oudry’s Menagerie series, watches, Meissner porcelain, silver and cabinet curiosities from Hamburg, busts by Jean-Antoine Houdon, architectural models made of cork, works in ivory and a completely reconstructed art gallery with works from court painters Matthieu, Findorff, Suhrlandt and Lisiewsky. museumtechnik berlin has been entrusted with the design, fabrication and installation of 16 display cases and 8 standing exhibit cases, as well as various other exhibit installations.

P1010664aMuseum of technology Berlin – The Net

Thanks to the expansion of the Ladestraße (Loading Road) at the Anhalter Güterbahnhof (Goods Station), a further 3,000 square metres of exhibition space has been added to the Museum of Technology, of which 1,600 square metres have been set aside for the exhibition ‘The Net’. museumstechnik berlin was entrusted with the exhibition installation, including the planning and production. The project required the manufacture, delivery and installation of exhibit cases and the production of graphics for graphic elements necessary for the exhibition. The project also required an integrated lighting system and electrical wiring as well as prep work for the installation of media stations and exhibits. The exhibition is scheduled to open in August 2015.

Cranach der JüngereWittenberg “Cranach the younger”

After extensive renovations at the Augusteum, an early extension to the Lutherhaus, a special exhibition has been installed: ‘Lucas Cranach the Younger – Discovery of a Master’. Original works from the artist are exhibited over approximately 810 square metres and two floors of the building.
museumstechnik berlin was commissioned with the planning, production and installation of three wall cases, ten recessed wall cases and ten tabletop display cases, among others.

Forum-FischbahnhofExpansion at the Fischbahnhof Forum – Schaufenster Fischereihafen 2015

Starting mid 2015, visitors to the Fischbahnhof Forum will be able to fully experience the fishing industry – from issues and policies affecting the fishing industry to sustainability, aquaculture and the history of the fishing port. The exhibition is an initiative of the Fischereihafen-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH. One of the many highlights of the exhibition that is sure to appeal to all ages is the significant portion of the North Sea Museum’s state collection that will be on display. The public is eagerly awaiting the final selection of the exhibits for the exhibition. museumstechnik berlin is creating the framework for the exhibits and is responsible for the production, delivery and installation of 20 tall and low cabinets, including the necessary lighting and exhibit mounts.